The work shown here is the result of an ongoing exploration in the representation and structuring of the passage of time. Eric’s background as a composer and performer (ericburnsmusic.com) has contributed to a sense that art can be founded in the shape and flow of experience from moment to moment and he brings that sense from the aural to the visual world.


The calendar, as a ubiquitous item, is a portal into a very personal space. Plans past and future, the very material of our lives, are laid out and organized here. Through the calendar’s form Eric probes our relationship with time. The results are interactively evolving works which initiate introspection, reflect the changing world around us, and appeal to our aesthetics. 


Eric believes art comes to life in the engagement between the artist and the piece as well as the piece and the viewer so he puts great care into the design and craft of calendars made for specific people, places, situations, and periods of time. Each is unique and hand crafted. Conversely, many require daily or periodic adjustments by the owner, who becomes a participant in the life of the piece. The variety of themes stretches from commemorative timeline to fully functional four-dimensional sculpture.